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Welcome to the Underground. Anything goes in this place and no one knows how deep the underbelly of the city stretches. Sunlight barely penetrates the uppermost level of the Underground and at night the red lights dominate. You can find anything here but you have to search wisely or risk losing yourself to its dark clutches.

&Black Market
What? Where else did you think it would be?

&circus carnivore
A circus that lies in the center of the underworld.

&club automatica
A club where everyone & anyone can drink. No laws to break at all.

&warehouse [one]
It is the epitome of this miserable city -- lying quietly, its dark mysterious depths seem to be enticing anyone to step within its haunted walls. This old, dilapidated warehouse may be layered with common red brick, but the Underworld's blaring lights give the brick a blood-red hue alluding to its terrible atmosphere inside . Not many are courageous enough to enter this five-floor nightmare. Enter if you dare. [major thanks to chibi_hoshinoka for the blurb & pic~]

&the raven exterior [high-end areas], [2] [low-end areas], [2], [3] [private rooms], [2], [3] [VIP lounge]
Catering to the low and high end of those who visit the Underground. Taste run toward the darkside and vices go a little deeper in this spacious nightclub. Private areas, VIP lounge, a main dance floor and music that can go with any taste all under one roof. Be careful who you take home come sunrise though. Management cannot be held accountable for poor decisions. [thanks to just_rayne for the blurb!]

&casino [one]
The casino's got broken lights and it's out of the way, but anybody who wants to throw away more money or more time can always find it. 'Cause the Russian roulette wheel's spinning around and the poker tables always have just one more seat and you've got time for just one more game. The drinks are a little old and the dealers are projected versions of their dead selves, but if you squint, everything's beautiful and willing and ready for the taking. So blow on the dice, pin your hopes and dreams to the cards. Take a chance, make a change. You've got to mix it up somehow. [major thanks to lottery for the pic and blurb~]

&The Arena [one] Not far Underground is a luxurious building styled after old world coliseums and while including the posh and comfort of the new world. The Arena is a place where citizens can come to relax while they observe and bet on fights. A horde of monsters are penned and waiting to battle each other or fighters from the City, all for the amusement of the masses. Of course, visitors are always free to place bets on the fights and a fortune is to be made for those who pick the winners. [Thanks to chosenbychoice!]

&Gysahl on the Green [entrance] [track] [chocobo] [chocobo with rider] [stables] [betting lounge]
Tracks. Chocobos. Betting. Odds. Drinking. Money! Winning! Fun! RACES! All can be yours at the cozy little racetrack under the City! This magnificent complex houses the one and only Gysahl on the Green, your first stop on the way to fun and fortune. A convenient entrance from the City leads the way to the Racetrack Grounds, lit up by a carnival of colors. The stable, the lounge, the betting office, the friendly little chocobos... it's all there, ready and waiting for a time you'll never forget. [cloudsinstrife ♥♥♥]

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